Call for Dead Bees!

Any dead bees?

Kelly Soper

Hello beekeepers.

I need your help please. I’ve been creating artwork about the decline of our bees & the controversy surrounding it; I’d like to make my audience as interested in protecting bees as I am.

In this art I’ve been using dead bees, so need to continue collecting as many dead bees as possible. The more bees, the more impact the work will have.

Thank you so much for the donations so far. I am not limiting my collecting to just honeybees, all bees are useful!

The work with bees will be displayed at an exhibition in Cambridge, April 2014, and another exhibition in Plymouth, June 2014. 

If you are unfortunate enough to have already lost or lose any bees from your hives please get in touch. Thank you.

You can comment on this post or email me direct:


Honeybees preserved in resin blocks. For more works…

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